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Translated from official jargon into plain text. Clearly. So one can understand it. As we do.


It's all about the hot line.

Like the Red Telephone. No long line to Embrach. There is no more direct way to contact customs. Very personal. We enjoy the Customs’ trust as an approved receiver (ZE) and approved sender (ZV).
Speaking in gobbledygook about:

  • Our free bonded warehouse, that not everyone is allowed to, as long as your goods are in ‘no man's land’ and correctly declared in the books, the state cannot hold out its hand for taxes as it does for road tax.

  • this very state, which holds out its hand for customs duties and value-added tax for customs clearances of all kinds

  • the T1 export document, with which your goods go on their long journey into the wide world

  • the Carnet ATA, which allows us to clear customs in a simplified way, so that your goods cut a dash at trade fairs and are not kept in the shadows of the catwalk

  • CITES, the document confirming the legal status of the shipment under species protection rules. We do not do things by half measures, where ivory, fur or crocodile skin are concerned - bringing a shot of exoticism to Switzerland

  • the coordination with the precious metals authorities when watches made of gold like diamonds have to be physically inspected at Zurich Airport


In addition to gobbledygook, we hobnob with customs – in good German.

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