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About us? Very personal.

To put it plainly: we talk turkey. In good German. Since 2011. You should have our name on the bill.


Über uns

Our motto is like a synonym for a credo:
He who doesn’t give up wins!

"I have a dream!" The shortest story ever told. In Michel Kuonen's name. It started in 2011. As a solo career, on a humble stage. Today it is carried by a sense of togetherness. Our trademark is «very personal». We do something that sounds no longer taken for granted: we listen. And so worry of you – not your account number. Only the best is good enough. You have our word. That’s why we can always look you straight in the eye. At any time. Honestly.

And very personal?

Are we like one big family. In which everyone can feel at home. But harmony within the four walls can be nothing more than a guiding principle. Where everyone has his place with a different opinion. Where everyone is allowed to have a bad day. Ultimately, each of us should live each day as if it would be his last – and never part in strife.

A wish like in a big family.

That's why we support the new recruits of EHC Kloten and sponsor their professional role models in the National League team and with the 1st team of EHC Bassersdorf a somewhat smaller number.

He who doesn’t give up, wins!


Our team


Robert Bruner

Head of Logistics


Michel Kuonen

CEO / Special Projects Manager


Hanne Kaegi

Chief Accountant


Monica Wohlgemuth

transportation operator

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-11 at 15.49_edite

Martina Linse

Logistic operator


Sylwester Waszczyk

Transport Operator


Nikola Petrović

Head of Transportation


Sandro Kutz

Logistic operator


Pavol Mikula

transportation operator


Nikola Illic

transportation operator


Levent Kazanci

Logistic Operator


Isabel Kuonen


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