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2011. A Mission. The assignment: Transport & Logistics. With IQ: intelligence and quality.

You ask: what does our name stand for?

In a nutshell: transport & logistics. Very personal.

You ask: what otherwise?

In one term: Special Care. For every wish. Just like a command.

You ask: what is it, that we would pay everything for?

Quality. At all costs.

You ask: what makes us different from the big players?

We are available around the clock. Right to the point.

You ask about our weakness?

Perfectionism. We're obsessed with it.

You haven’t asked us about our motto. It is: he who doesn’t give up, wins!

And otherwise?

We have nothing to offer except passion, sweat and a promise: that we can honestly look you straight in the eye. At all times.




How we understand it. Very personal. Individual. Not aloof. Reliability in person. Since 2011. Always available. Let's talk about:




How you and we imagine it to you to be. Logical. Not one-dimensional. Tailor made. Since 2011. Security. Around the clock. Ask us about:


What makes us different?

That certain something. That little bit extra. The extra like our motto: he who doesn’t give up wins!

We have the fire

It burns within us. We are fire and flame - about transport and logistics.

24/7 = a phone call is all you need

We are available. Around the clock. A familiar face. Very personal.

Be treated as Royalty

With us you only may feel like a VIP, but honoured like a king.

Logistics 5.0

Our logistics centre is state-of-the-art and is on site without a long line. With a direct line to customs.


We fulfill more than three wishes.

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