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Far away from home. Make yourself at home. Welcome to Black.

In Her Majesty’s service

You usually only see Switzerland from afar. You know it as a neutral country. A land of mountains, where you fly to. As high as your expectations. If you have come down to earth, you have not really arrived. Where is the service? It is missing. Your butler. Your concierge. Black takes over and plays a vital role for you. As in Her Majesty's service. Beyond neutrality. You should yourself feel at home with him. Have Switzerland served to you around the clock on a silver platter. Exclusive. All inclusive. The airport. The hotel. The laid table with a view. And you have more than three wishes.

It spreads from mouth to mouth with full satisfaction. No propaganda. In Black's name.
It stands with him for personal care.

Image by Milad Fakurian

Black stands for personal care


body guard

Special service 24 hours a day

Under the radar

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